Your team is much more than a collection of individuals. We’ll help you make the most of it.

Know how your team is doing. Understand each other. Have fun being productive together.

Why Teaminator?

Learn more about your teammates

Understanding your teammates makes you more productive.

You will know when and why the mood is down, when is a good time to ask for help, and when to give help.

Bring transparency

Sharing is caring.

Teaminator helps you create a transparent and collaborative environment, where people feel safe to speak their mind.

Take ‘work’ out of ‘teamwork’

Having fun working together is as important as getting things done.

Teaminator takes care of some of the boring stuff, so you have more time to enjoy doing what you're best at.

Grow as a leader and teammate

Whether you're leading a team or just doing your part, Teaminator helps you get to the next level.

You will improve and develop skills that make you an effective leader or simply an awesome teammate.


What's inside?

Team Health Check

Know how you’re doing as a team.
  • Regularly answer a set of simple questions.
  • Share your view on how your team is doing.
  • Detect anti-patterns before they become huge problems.
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Team Analytics

Watch your team evolve.
  • View trends and detect patterns.
  • Track your impact on the team.
  • Watch your team’s progress across multiple dimensions.
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Teamwork gamified
  • Get actionable suggestions to improve your teamwork.
  • Collect badges that document your journey towards mastery.
  • Have fun with your team adventure.
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