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Make an awesome team.

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Teaminator overview

Develop leadership, improve soft skills, and have fun working together.

Why Teaminator?

Great teamwork means more work done.

We know people stuff is difficult.

  • You can’t easily debug humans
  • There are no unit tests for team dynamics
  • Soft skill tutorials are loaded with management-speak

We’ve created Teaminator to help you self-organize, so you don’t need yet another manager.

I do all the hard work in my team.

Yet, no one seems to notice.

There are times I feel overwhelmed with work.

There’s no point in bringing it up, who would help me anyway?

My boss often postpones our 1:1s.

I guess we have nothing to talk about anyway.

Teaminator helps you solve and prevent people problems.

  • See at a glance how everyone is doing
  • Get actionable advice served by our AI
  • Improve leadership and soft skills through weekly quests
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How it works

Team Health Check

Know how you’re doing as a team.
  • Regularly answer a set of simple questions.
  • Share your views on how your team is doing.
  • Get a nuanced and fair overview of your situation.
View team status

Team Analytics

Watch your team evolve.
  • View trends and detect patterns.
  • Track your impact on the team.
  • Watch your team’s progress across multiple dimensions.
View trends


Teamwork gamified
  • Get actionable suggestions to improve your teamwork, leadership, and soft skills.
  • Collect badges that document your journey towards mastery.
  • Have fun with your team adventure.
View team status

I’ve learned that other people may see things differently than I do.

It’s easier to make my great work visible.

Nowadays, others come and help me when I’m overwhelmed.

I can also tell when others need my help.

I asked my boss the questions Teaminator suggested.

Now we’re having actual conversations in our 1:1s!